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Sunday, February 17, 2013

I think I'm "nesting"♥

This is my form of "nesting"...

I can see a near distant future of my life.
It involves a hammock, a little bungalow set in a tropical forest back drop, my kitten Chloe and the little Bella, a garden green house abundant with dancing butterflies and flowers that make your soul sing. There's gypsy furnishings, a room filled with poetry, painting mediums and a dancers delight of mirrored walls. Music always spirals through the bungalow dancing to the tune of ocean waves not so far from this retreat. An old porch adorned with potted flowers, a swing under an ancient tree; sunlight dancing through the tree tops and him...

A daily occurrence involves tea in the morning on a porch made for retreat, a visit to the {home of greenery} so water can bring more life to our bountiful nutrients. I paint, write and dance. We meditate, we stretch and we just live with love in our hearts. We cook together, we cuddle and we dance with our hearts singing. We make love in the moonlight, we rest in an aged hammock and we laugh. 

This is what my body yearns and thirst for. I can feel this energy through my soul. I can hear the sea calling my name. I am so close...

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