homemade apple Moonlit Dreams ~❥: January 2013

Sunday, January 27, 2013

the Lover, the Dreamer and the Dancer

Love; is a simple treasured word that rest inside of her heart.
She fancies more than {one} and in that, from the depths of her soul. She longs for free love with her suitors; envelope them in her world. Unify into harmony as their bodies freely radiate and burn with passion.
A kiss with loving vulnerability burns through her femininity; light and dreamy yet unending and intensely.
A love of entirety entwines as {one}.
Strong hands pulling through her auburn hair, lips tenderly biting and a delicate touch of the lips over the curve of her back; leaves dancing butterflies inside of her.
A love, that can only thrive into euphoria.
A love, that can hearten inside of your essence.
A love, that breathes and dwells inside of her.
She captivates her lovers; she fornicates through the tips of her fingers, through her butterfly kiss, through her reverence.
She is a tempest of a lovers retreat. A tender passion that can set one's heart upon; a desire that transforms you into the dreamer.
She pulls you into the illusory of her.
She is the Lover.

Set in her heart of tender devotion, she dreams of poetic delight.
Garden house set in back, bountiful of Earth's treasures and orchids dancing in the light; she dreams in certainty. She perches in a painted room of wine colored walls and gypsy adorned furnishings, a melody plays its sonnet while she dreams; one of a vintage dreamy disquiet.
Fragmented memories of the bequeathed come into glimpses.
She dreams in harmony, translating dreams into poetry.
Echo of ocean, setting waves only moments outside of her cottage; she writes. As her kitty curls up beside her she dreams of yet another twinkling. Was this her symbiosis foregoing, or is this the destined beckoning?
She dreams in ethereal, she dreams in vintage, she dreams in love.
She is the Dreamer. 

A floral sweetness precedes the air; "Fade Into You" surrounds her embodiment. Antiqued porch; in the hammock outside of her cottage she was dreaming.
She arises to a fresh glow upon her face and sand in between her toes. Tousled hair tossed eagerly into a bun and a white dress drawn close to her sultry body from the oceans heaven.
Delicate nipples peeking its way through a tightly fitted form and sun glistening on her wet skin; she promenades to the sound that captivates the air.
She dances in the moonlight, in the rain, under the brightest star; the sun.
She dances from her spiritual being; engaging love to the notes that saturate the air.
Her dress is raised, puddled feet and sunlight upon her moon face, her body delicately pirouettes. Arms upheld to the heavens, she can only be vulnerable; only to Mother Earth she unveils herself.
She is a goddess of dance; spirituality enters the very essence of her being.
Through this; she loves, she dreams, she dances.
She is the Dancer. 

January 27, 2013~ July Jennifer ♥

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013


I get lost in your eyes
yet I run to his heart
an ocean of secrets
and an endurance of tender heart
the only way to escape this world 
is to dream

I dream in a lost sea of blue
and kept secrets
it is the love I seek
yet have nothing in return
tugging heart
tears at my essence
only to bleed memories
that afflict me

A longing that envelopes 
my world of dreams
declares me destined
in my own heart
and leaves me grasping for air

I get lost in your love
yet I run to treasure his heart
folded in half
torn into two
a love bound by the stars
a love bound by heart

I find comfort
that transcends passion
a yearning inside of my soul
that will love and dwell
herein me forever
that will captivate my heart hostage
into that blue ocean
at lost for sea

November 13, 2003~ July Jennifer ♥

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013

After the Circus

The circus finale has harmony
and common folk have parted ways.
Animals are taken in.
Favored essence they endure,
bountiful from ruin and misfortune.
They are genuinely beloved.

Her name is Helena.
She is other than a Goddess.
Ebony tresses
and skin of golden velvet,
she is the dreamer.
Her feet are exhausted.
Years of dancer intimacy
are exposing effects on delicate skin.
Tattered ballet pointes
tossed in the corner of her gypsy wagon.
Cinched corset in ruffled pink
adorned in dazzling stones of glass
takes its promenade
in her armoire of exquisite.

Ella Fitzgerald, "Summertime"
spirals out of an aged music player.
Undressing and tinkering with her charms,
she promenades dreamy.
Candles flicker,
captivating the cottage with aglow
and a sweet ambrosial fragrance
of Jasmine
encompasses the air.

She releases the allure
of her raven hair
illuminated with golds and reds.
Incandescent water
filling her divine retreat.
Timeworn feet drawn;
toes beckoning into the water.
nevertheless in delight,
she finds her solitude.
A light of the day escapes
into a euphoria
of radiance and tranquility.
Enveloped in elation;
dreams come into her,
a reverie of a dancers heart.

 January 14, 2013~ July Jennifer ♥

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Moonlit Dreams

She's a midsummer night's dream,
adorned in nothing apart from sand in her feet
and a fragrant silken scent of gardenia.
Her skin is sun kissed golden
from the sun of the Earth.
Gypsy jewels adorn her essence
and she dances in the moonlight
like a captivating dream.

Her breasts are fruitful,
with curves that intertwine
to a sweet sound which envelopes the air.
Lovers are at her door
billowing gifts to treasure;
one of a moonlit reflection of vast sea.
She dances for her suitors;
her feet wet from the Earth below
and her heart abundant in nature.

She dances to the harmony of drums
or is it the beat of his heart.
Rain drops fall
upon her moon face.
As he pulls her into him
a kiss of dreamy rapture envelopes her.
A haze of ethereal transforms her.
His lips delicate;
a kiss
is heavy and enduring
leaving her with butterflies fluttering
into the depth of her womanhood.
He calls her name~
she frees herself from uncertainty.

On a rustic wooden porch;
calico feline, Chloé curled up
under the gleam of the sun.
Floral aroma intensifies in the air.
She lies in the familiar hammock
and dreams begin to fall into her.
A lovers trio bound by possession,
she has found a home.
A home,
that dreams inside of her heart.

Drawn to a moonlit reflection of vast sea
she is pulled into the illusory.
Only to dance
with the brightest star
in the light of the moon
and from the depths of her heart,
she dances
as a seductive illusion.

January 3, 2013~ July Jennifer ♥

Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Secrets Lie

There’s a new boy in town;
his scent of salty sweetness
and eyes 
that of a vast sea
burns through the depths of my heart.

His touch is a soft memory,
fresh upon my skin 
like a hot summer day.
A kiss 
of fervor and rapture
enfolds a desire of profound yearning.

There’s sand in between my toes
and a light fragrance lies in the air
resembling that of plumeria heaven.
A moist heat radiates my skin
and a sense of vulnerability 
pushes through my soul.
Tugging at my heart strings.

He rides on a set of waves.
Our hearts meld into one;
not through a simplistic touch
yet through the eyes of two souls.

Separated once;
two souls found each other
through the stars,
through the pull of the moon
and that vast sea.

Two lost souls;
bound by dancing lights
broken apart
and love was lost at sea.

November 22, 2003~ July Jennifer 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Chloé Selene ♥

sometimes, pussycats just get their way...♥

My Little Skittle♥

She's the sweetest little pea, with a perfect little round bottom and dimples that will melt your heart. 
She followed me around like a little darling; 
I would dance and this sweetheart would follow, 
I would cry and this angelic soul would hug me, 
I needed a friend and this precious creature would be my companion. 
Her giggle is infectious and she continually makes me laugh;
she is always ready for any shenanigans I have mustered up. 
We shared skittles. I get the red, purple & green; she gets the rest. 
We shared childhood memories; 
playing pretend, dressing up and being silly girls. 
She comes with a Princess disposition but don’t let her fool you, 
she has the strength of a vigorous tiger and a heart made of tenderheartedness. 
I admire her. 
We have the sacred bond of sisterly love, that bestows warm fuzzies in my heart.
Above all, 
we have a love that evolves into heartfelt memories that bestows love upon my heart. 
I will keep her locked into my heart.
She will always be my shelter;
my confidant, 
my secret keeper,
my memory maker
and forevermore baby sissy.

April 1, 2013~ July Jennifer ♥

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Amore, Amour and Love

I have an anecdote to tell. It is full of lovers, little mysteries, heavy hearts, anguish, desecration, exuberance and many moments of L♥VE. I will dance around this journal blog from my history past to now with the in-between. I dream you will follow me...♥

My favorite word~ L♥VE. I am conscious of this word on an everyday footing. I've cultivated this one fleeting word into the depths of my spiritual being and long for prosperity. The abundance of one word is the relic of my vitality and I fancy such an essence of a simple phrase. I'm not saying it's transparent, we know that. It has many allusions and comes in many altered manifestations. Entwine with me as I saunter through my reflection of my forgone growth, in this moment of present and my dreams of the destined. Lets travel together, souls touching and cultivate one word~ L♥VE...

with love~ july jennifer 

July Jennifer Quotes♥

{My silly words of Love, Dreams and Desires...♥}

Evolving through a transition like that of a caterpillar to moth. Finding my wings again so I can light up the night sky in flight to the moon...10/13♥

sometimes pussycats just get their way...♥

the Moon, the Ocean collide in a parallel Universe as my body longs for your kiss. your eyes like vast Sea and I dream of you...♥

I am the Moon and you are my Ocean. My body yearns for you and awaits {you} to enter my world of darkness and seduction, a unity of lust and passion...♥
my heart opens to your light...♥

your Love found a way in my heart...you are my Love, you are my Dreams, you are eternally locked in my heart...♥

my heart opens to your light...♥

the moon calls us into the night & the stars lead the way into a dream of desires♥

our Love bound by the Stars. you are locked in my heart♥

being loved is the greatest treasure one can have♥

Always remember to look up at the sky and deep into your heart...♥

a love bound by the stars has a pull of the vast sea...♥

I swim in your blue ocean & I drown in your passion♥

there is no time where I stop loving you...for a very special soul 10/29/11♥

moon pull
a love found.
ocean crashes
a tear falls from her face
her love lost.
the red moon beckons
a beating heart in the distance.
she sees the light
light of the moon
all is calm 12/10

where I lie in the heart of your eyes, I feel compelled. sand in my sheets and a special place kept under lock and key, for you inside my heart. the moon tonight is a beautiful golden dream...Harvest Moon 9/30/12♥