homemade apple Moonlit Dreams ~❥: After the Circus

Monday, January 14, 2013

After the Circus

The circus finale has harmony
and common folk have parted ways.
Animals are taken in.
Favored essence they endure,
bountiful from ruin and misfortune.
They are genuinely beloved.

Her name is Helena.
She is other than a Goddess.
Ebony tresses
and skin of golden velvet,
she is the dreamer.
Her feet are exhausted.
Years of dancer intimacy
are exposing effects on delicate skin.
Tattered ballet pointes
tossed in the corner of her gypsy wagon.
Cinched corset in ruffled pink
adorned in dazzling stones of glass
takes its promenade
in her armoire of exquisite.

Ella Fitzgerald, "Summertime"
spirals out of an aged music player.
Undressing and tinkering with her charms,
she promenades dreamy.
Candles flicker,
captivating the cottage with aglow
and a sweet ambrosial fragrance
of Jasmine
encompasses the air.

She releases the allure
of her raven hair
illuminated with golds and reds.
Incandescent water
filling her divine retreat.
Timeworn feet drawn;
toes beckoning into the water.
nevertheless in delight,
she finds her solitude.
A light of the day escapes
into a euphoria
of radiance and tranquility.
Enveloped in elation;
dreams come into her,
a reverie of a dancers heart.

 January 14, 2013~ July Jennifer ♥

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