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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Amore, Amour and Love

I have an anecdote to tell. It is full of lovers, little mysteries, heavy hearts, anguish, desecration, exuberance and many moments of L♥VE. I will dance around this journal blog from my history past to now with the in-between. I dream you will follow me...♥

My favorite word~ L♥VE. I am conscious of this word on an everyday footing. I've cultivated this one fleeting word into the depths of my spiritual being and long for prosperity. The abundance of one word is the relic of my vitality and I fancy such an essence of a simple phrase. I'm not saying it's transparent, we know that. It has many allusions and comes in many altered manifestations. Entwine with me as I saunter through my reflection of my forgone growth, in this moment of present and my dreams of the destined. Lets travel together, souls touching and cultivate one word~ L♥VE...

with love~ july jennifer 

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