homemade apple Moonlit Dreams ~❥: Enraptured

Friday, January 18, 2013


I get lost in your eyes
yet I run to his heart
an ocean of secrets
and an endurance of tender heart
the only way to escape this world 
is to dream

I dream in a lost sea of blue
and kept secrets
it is the love I seek
yet have nothing in return
tugging heart
tears at my essence
only to bleed memories
that afflict me

A longing that envelopes 
my world of dreams
declares me destined
in my own heart
and leaves me grasping for air

I get lost in your love
yet I run to treasure his heart
folded in half
torn into two
a love bound by the stars
a love bound by heart

I find comfort
that transcends passion
a yearning inside of my soul
that will love and dwell
herein me forever
that will captivate my heart hostage
into that blue ocean
at lost for sea

November 13, 2003~ July Jennifer ♥

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