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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Moonlit Dreams

She's a midsummer night's dream,
adorned in nothing apart from sand in her feet
and a fragrant silken scent of gardenia.
Her skin is sun kissed golden
from the sun of the Earth.
Gypsy jewels adorn her essence
and she dances in the moonlight
like a captivating dream.

Her breasts are fruitful,
with curves that intertwine
to a sweet sound which envelopes the air.
Lovers are at her door
billowing gifts to treasure;
one of a moonlit reflection of vast sea.
She dances for her suitors;
her feet wet from the Earth below
and her heart abundant in nature.

She dances to the harmony of drums
or is it the beat of his heart.
Rain drops fall
upon her moon face.
As he pulls her into him
a kiss of dreamy rapture envelopes her.
A haze of ethereal transforms her.
His lips delicate;
a kiss
is heavy and enduring
leaving her with butterflies fluttering
into the depth of her womanhood.
He calls her name~
she frees herself from uncertainty.

On a rustic wooden porch;
calico feline, Chloé curled up
under the gleam of the sun.
Floral aroma intensifies in the air.
She lies in the familiar hammock
and dreams begin to fall into her.
A lovers trio bound by possession,
she has found a home.
A home,
that dreams inside of her heart.

Drawn to a moonlit reflection of vast sea
she is pulled into the illusory.
Only to dance
with the brightest star
in the light of the moon
and from the depths of her heart,
she dances
as a seductive illusion.

January 3, 2013~ July Jennifer ♥

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