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Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Secrets Lie

There’s a new boy in town;
his scent of salty sweetness
and eyes 
that of a vast sea
burns through the depths of my heart.

His touch is a soft memory,
fresh upon my skin 
like a hot summer day.
A kiss 
of fervor and rapture
enfolds a desire of profound yearning.

There’s sand in between my toes
and a light fragrance lies in the air
resembling that of plumeria heaven.
A moist heat radiates my skin
and a sense of vulnerability 
pushes through my soul.
Tugging at my heart strings.

He rides on a set of waves.
Our hearts meld into one;
not through a simplistic touch
yet through the eyes of two souls.

Separated once;
two souls found each other
through the stars,
through the pull of the moon
and that vast sea.

Two lost souls;
bound by dancing lights
broken apart
and love was lost at sea.

November 22, 2003~ July Jennifer 

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