homemade apple Moonlit Dreams ~❥: the Lover, the Dreamer and the Dancer

Sunday, January 27, 2013

the Lover, the Dreamer and the Dancer

Love; is a simple treasured word that rest inside of her heart.
She fancies more than {one} and in that, from the depths of her soul. She longs for free love with her suitors; envelope them in her world. Unify into harmony as their bodies freely radiate and burn with passion.
A kiss with loving vulnerability burns through her femininity; light and dreamy yet unending and intensely.
A love of entirety entwines as {one}.
Strong hands pulling through her auburn hair, lips tenderly biting and a delicate touch of the lips over the curve of her back; leaves dancing butterflies inside of her.
A love, that can only thrive into euphoria.
A love, that can hearten inside of your essence.
A love, that breathes and dwells inside of her.
She captivates her lovers; she fornicates through the tips of her fingers, through her butterfly kiss, through her reverence.
She is a tempest of a lovers retreat. A tender passion that can set one's heart upon; a desire that transforms you into the dreamer.
She pulls you into the illusory of her.
She is the Lover.

Set in her heart of tender devotion, she dreams of poetic delight.
Garden house set in back, bountiful of Earth's treasures and orchids dancing in the light; she dreams in certainty. She perches in a painted room of wine colored walls and gypsy adorned furnishings, a melody plays its sonnet while she dreams; one of a vintage dreamy disquiet.
Fragmented memories of the bequeathed come into glimpses.
She dreams in harmony, translating dreams into poetry.
Echo of ocean, setting waves only moments outside of her cottage; she writes. As her kitty curls up beside her she dreams of yet another twinkling. Was this her symbiosis foregoing, or is this the destined beckoning?
She dreams in ethereal, she dreams in vintage, she dreams in love.
She is the Dreamer. 

A floral sweetness precedes the air; "Fade Into You" surrounds her embodiment. Antiqued porch; in the hammock outside of her cottage she was dreaming.
She arises to a fresh glow upon her face and sand in between her toes. Tousled hair tossed eagerly into a bun and a white dress drawn close to her sultry body from the oceans heaven.
Delicate nipples peeking its way through a tightly fitted form and sun glistening on her wet skin; she promenades to the sound that captivates the air.
She dances in the moonlight, in the rain, under the brightest star; the sun.
She dances from her spiritual being; engaging love to the notes that saturate the air.
Her dress is raised, puddled feet and sunlight upon her moon face, her body delicately pirouettes. Arms upheld to the heavens, she can only be vulnerable; only to Mother Earth she unveils herself.
She is a goddess of dance; spirituality enters the very essence of her being.
Through this; she loves, she dreams, she dances.
She is the Dancer. 

January 27, 2013~ July Jennifer ♥

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