homemade apple Moonlit Dreams ~❥: February 2013

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Summer Day

In the distance transpires a home
which resides within her heart.

She surrenders in a laced hammock.
One leg leaping over
resembling that of a graceful ballerina;
impelling gently
at the soft earth beneath her foot.
Sunlight peeks through the willow tree
that drapes overhead like a whimsical fortress.
Apapane songbirds
harmonize their morning melody
and a whispering of the leaves
dance within one another.
She stretches out
resembling that kitty curled up alongside her;
both felines soaking up that brightest star.
In this palace,
delightful dreams evolve into existence.

In the distance transpires a home
which resides within her heart.

February 20, 2013~ July Jennifer ♥

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I think I'm "nesting"♥

This is my form of "nesting"...

I can see a near distant future of my life.
It involves a hammock, a little bungalow set in a tropical forest back drop, my kitten Chloe and the little Bella, a garden green house abundant with dancing butterflies and flowers that make your soul sing. There's gypsy furnishings, a room filled with poetry, painting mediums and a dancers delight of mirrored walls. Music always spirals through the bungalow dancing to the tune of ocean waves not so far from this retreat. An old porch adorned with potted flowers, a swing under an ancient tree; sunlight dancing through the tree tops and him...

A daily occurrence involves tea in the morning on a porch made for retreat, a visit to the {home of greenery} so water can bring more life to our bountiful nutrients. I paint, write and dance. We meditate, we stretch and we just live with love in our hearts. We cook together, we cuddle and we dance with our hearts singing. We make love in the moonlight, we rest in an aged hammock and we laugh. 

This is what my body yearns and thirst for. I can feel this energy through my soul. I can hear the sea calling my name. I am so close...

Friday, February 1, 2013

Our {HeartBeats} as One

That night,
outside of your bedroom
the ocean set its waves.
In the moonlight,
for which we made love under 
many nights;
kindred devotion
affirmations were made
surpassing any pull
of the crescent.
made to be kept hereafter.

of honeyed crisp aroma
infuses the air,
the sea surf
colliding the sandy shoreline
serenades the heavens
and a sweet whisper
echoes in my ear.
Your hand glides
into mine
and you declare;
"our hearts are beating as one".

That night,
under the moonlight;
the moonlight that cast its shadows
willingly upon our haven
bestowed remembrance inside my heart.
Memories were locked of promises;
promises made under the stars,
at that waterfall,
at that hidden beach
and in those moments of ecstasy.

Secrets unveiled;
a key, 
in the form of the crescent moon
is lost at sea.
Once untold anecdotes
radiate though a heart
that was once made from a wave.

February 1, 2003~ July Jennifer ♥

Haiku Poem~ Nature Beautifully Wrapped♥

you are a Goddess 
of profound beauty, I shall 
honour your essence

2012~ July Jennifer ♥