homemade apple Moonlit Dreams ~❥: Our {HeartBeats} as One

Friday, February 1, 2013

Our {HeartBeats} as One

That night,
outside of your bedroom
the ocean set its waves.
In the moonlight,
for which we made love under 
many nights;
kindred devotion
affirmations were made
surpassing any pull
of the crescent.
made to be kept hereafter.

of honeyed crisp aroma
infuses the air,
the sea surf
colliding the sandy shoreline
serenades the heavens
and a sweet whisper
echoes in my ear.
Your hand glides
into mine
and you declare;
"our hearts are beating as one".

That night,
under the moonlight;
the moonlight that cast its shadows
willingly upon our haven
bestowed remembrance inside my heart.
Memories were locked of promises;
promises made under the stars,
at that waterfall,
at that hidden beach
and in those moments of ecstasy.

Secrets unveiled;
a key, 
in the form of the crescent moon
is lost at sea.
Once untold anecdotes
radiate though a heart
that was once made from a wave.

February 1, 2003~ July Jennifer ♥

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