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Friday, March 1, 2013

Capturing Me Captive

I am affected by your kiss;
that which flows throughout my essence
favoring that of~
Painted Lady's fluttering in my belly.
It emanates into my fingertips;
a slight tingling in the midst
of delicate feathered kisses
tip`toeing around my skin.
A warm sensation radiates
and velvety lips collide
harmonizing that of~
Vast Sea dancing with its sandy shores

Your touch encompasses my curvature
and dancing butterflies
initiate their encore
into the crescent of my arch.
A secured kiss leaves fluttering wings
through and through my femininity.
Your lips warmed by tender passion
is termed by L ♥ V E,
a softness that is possessed by everything
is termed by L ♥ V E.

Across that vast sea
into the starlit sky
beyond the Moonlit Dreams`
your kiss lingers delicately upon my lips
forming promises into the midst of the Universe
and capturing me captive eternally

February 28, 2013~ July Jennifer ♥

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