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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

July Jennifer Quotes♥

{My silly words of Love, Dreams and Desires...♥}

Evolving through a transition like that of a caterpillar to moth. Finding my wings again so I can light up the night sky in flight to the moon...10/13♥

sometimes pussycats just get their way...♥

the Moon, the Ocean collide in a parallel Universe as my body longs for your kiss. your eyes like vast Sea and I dream of you...♥

I am the Moon and you are my Ocean. My body yearns for you and awaits {you} to enter my world of darkness and seduction, a unity of lust and passion...♥
my heart opens to your light...♥

your Love found a way in my heart...you are my Love, you are my Dreams, you are eternally locked in my heart...♥

my heart opens to your light...♥

the moon calls us into the night & the stars lead the way into a dream of desires♥

our Love bound by the Stars. you are locked in my heart♥

being loved is the greatest treasure one can have♥

Always remember to look up at the sky and deep into your heart...♥

a love bound by the stars has a pull of the vast sea...♥

I swim in your blue ocean & I drown in your passion♥

there is no time where I stop loving you...for a very special soul 10/29/11♥

moon pull
a love found.
ocean crashes
a tear falls from her face
her love lost.
the red moon beckons
a beating heart in the distance.
she sees the light
light of the moon
all is calm 12/10

where I lie in the heart of your eyes, I feel compelled. sand in my sheets and a special place kept under lock and key, for you inside my heart. the moon tonight is a beautiful golden dream...Harvest Moon 9/30/12♥

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