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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Little Skittle♥

She's the sweetest little pea, with a perfect little round bottom and dimples that will melt your heart. 
She followed me around like a little darling; 
I would dance and this sweetheart would follow, 
I would cry and this angelic soul would hug me, 
I needed a friend and this precious creature would be my companion. 
Her giggle is infectious and she continually makes me laugh;
she is always ready for any shenanigans I have mustered up. 
We shared skittles. I get the red, purple & green; she gets the rest. 
We shared childhood memories; 
playing pretend, dressing up and being silly girls. 
She comes with a Princess disposition but don’t let her fool you, 
she has the strength of a vigorous tiger and a heart made of tenderheartedness. 
I admire her. 
We have the sacred bond of sisterly love, that bestows warm fuzzies in my heart.
Above all, 
we have a love that evolves into heartfelt memories that bestows love upon my heart. 
I will keep her locked into my heart.
She will always be my shelter;
my confidant, 
my secret keeper,
my memory maker
and forevermore baby sissy.

April 1, 2013~ July Jennifer ♥

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