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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Into the Light

She stands to be still
within the darkest of hours.
By the light of the moon
she will find her way.

Song cues;
her body folds forward,
an opposing arch sets free emotion.
The orchestra plays
and slight tingles send her body out into the light;
captivating the eyes of her lovers.
Ivory chiffon trails behind her
like a soft dance,
resembling that of the moon light upon water.
She seduces, she captivates and a dream evolves
into destiny.
Jewels bestow her decadent breast
as she emerges into the light once more,
eyes locked full of beautiful darkness
she leaves a sense of mystery
and intrigue
in the fragrant air.
Floating across an abandoned floor
a shattered heart is left
 to stage right.
Center stage is a moon goddess;
mother of the sea tides
and lover of the ethereal,
she finds herself vulnerable
into the light once again. 
Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon
she is breathless
nevertheless her exhalation is soft.
Her lovers take to heart
as a poetic dance is filtered 
through crimson, violet and golden hues;
a goddess in golden skin.
Feline-an she promenades across that stage
and illuminates the way to the moon.

Moth to candlelight;
her way is marked
resembling that of Egyptian markings
etched over ancient rocks many lifetimes ago.
This is the moment
that marks a manifestation;
a yearning, 
a passion, 
a fire that burns inside of her.
The moon light is glowing;
it illuminates her way once over again.

November 7, 2013~ July Jennifer ♥
inspired from my Lana Del Rey burlesque artistic act "Young & Beautiful"

photo by~ Dustin Sackett Photography♥

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