homemade apple Moonlit Dreams ~❥: Sea Traveler

Friday, May 30, 2014

Sea Traveler

Moonlight pirouettes upon the great sea.
There is a sacred dance,
off ebb and flow;
a rhythm.
Vitality, divine
as the salty kisses he gives,
a dancers delight;
marks new life.
Below that vast sea,
across coral that reaches infinity,
thrives another world;
where energy emanates across millions
of volcanic force;
evolved over a lifetime.
You, intoxicate me
with your world.

A wonder, you are
of magnificent life.
Two separate universes inhabit one world.
A dance with the pale blue moon;
a reflection
that lights the way below,
is a reflection, dancing in my heart.
Into vast sea,
two worlds collide
within each other.
Two creations of life intertwine in harmony,
shaping and forming life.

original year {2011/12}~ July Jennifer
scuba diving trip, can't remember which year♥

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