homemade apple Moonlit Dreams ~❥: Her Last Breath

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Her Last Breath

unrelenting breath.
Merely a single exhalation
would evoke all vulnerability;
lungs collapse.
She would all at once
let go,
tears streaming down uncontrollably.
It wouldn't surrender
until he held her head with his hands,
only then he finds her exposed.

There was no reasoning,
just abandon.
She was exhausted,
tired of weeping
being consumed from sadness;
imprisoned for years.

Can you embrace her,
Can't you just adore her.
Take her within you,
never let go.
Send goose bumps down her spine
like she once knew.
Butterflies fluttering...

She's apprehensive of any deep inhalation;
she's drowning
and not sure when to relinquish.
It was all so intricate
bound into years of defiance.
She's heartsick,
the pieces are falling
can't you see her tears.
A love bound by reckless care,
she doesn't know how to compose her thoughts.

Isolated tears fall from her face
and the moonlight shines upon her features
as reflections run through her spirit;
Can't you just take her into you...

Can't you behold,
in a time to come you intend to perceive.
What was once the moonlight upon her face;
the face of wonder and love,
was the one that gave you deepened breath.
The radiance that will illuminate your way...

August 7, 2014~ July Jennifer ♥

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