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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Moonlight Lovers

They are the moon children 
and to a kiss time stands still.
Their passion evokes
a compelling desire,
the essence
dreams are made of.

His hands
embrace her vulnerability, 
her hand
interlaced sacredly within his;
the warmth
and a magnetic force is intertwined.

He then wraps his hands
around her waist
around her neck.
A love transforms
and the blue moon
illuminates the way;
into her heart and into his heart.
There is no defiance of forbidden love,
by virtue
of imprisoned passion.
Captive rapture arises from her being,
into his.

The moon encompasses her
and only to him
can she fall into a love
destined by Venus.
A love story
in that,
the celestial's twinkle
and the moon blush
with crimson.

A love that stands still...

October 1, 2014~ July Jennifer ♥

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