homemade apple Moonlit Dreams ~❥: Enchanted Mystery

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Enchanted Mystery

Unearth the light in his eyes
and her mysterious 
resembling that of a beautiful 
 intricate box
made of gold filigree.

His electric soul 
brings music to her heart
and she dances for him,
 in his loneliest nights.

He dreams the warmth 
from her skin
 setting his heart afire.
He dreams 
 when the sun
shall set 
off the burgundy's in her hair
 and the golden,
that sets a flame 
 in her eyes.

A burning desire 
 that she keeps captive 
in her heart.
The smell of everything "him" 
 indulges her heart.
She awaits breathlessly 
 the day to come,
that his strong hands;
in which feed her skin 
and a desire burning
 from inside her heart;
will yet touch her again 
 and over again.

Wrapped into his hands, 
 her heart is encompassed 
  by that Knight...♥

completed December 23, 2014, original date a little before this~ July Jennifer ♥

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