homemade apple Moonlit Dreams ~❥: January 2015

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dark Nights

His heart is guarded
Her heart is guarded
It's a forbidden dance through ecstasy
Music spirals by candlelight
And her voice echoes in whispers
Through a kiss 
And into his heart

January 27, 2015~ July Jennifer♥

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Captive Butterflies

captive butterflies
into the depths
of her belly,
yet caged.

so eager to flutter
for the lover,
she calls

she is bound
by a poetic love story.

tongue tied
and bitten lips
a lovers dance.

are bestowed, 
the winged beauties
are claimed
under lock and key.

a compass is given
to her raging heart.
Unlocked by
the mysterious lover.

only then,
the reflection of the moon
will reflect
from her watery eyes
into His 

January 17, 2015~ July Jennifer ♥

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Yearning his smell, what it does to her.

Craving and wild feline;
until the day beckons,
that she can wrap her legs 
around him
and knead him like a kitty...

January 8, 2015~ July Jennifer 10:37am♥ 

Lost Tribe~ Gamemaster♥

I'm in love with these words, song link is below~

"Embracing the goddess energy within yourselves
Will bring all of you to a new understanding and valuing of life
A vision that inspires you to live and love on Planet Earth
Like a priceless jewel buried in dark layers of soil and stone

Earth radiates her brilliant beauty into the caverns of space and time
Perhaps you are aware of those who watch over your home
And experience it as a place to visit and play with reality
You are becoming aware of yourself as a game master

Imagine Earth restored to her real beauty
Steady trees seem to brush the deep blue sky
The clouds billow to form majestic peaks
The songs of birds fill the air

Creating a symphony upon symphony
The goddess is calling for an honoring
Of what she allows to be created
Through the form of strength and blood
Those who own the planet are learning about love"
January 10, 2015~ July Jennifer ♥

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Letting Go...

the other day I was in tears. the same news came in different form. when a new year was beckoning, a new beginning was to have you.
all I can hang onto are my memories of being a little girl with him. 

tears streaming down my face and my heart bursting with so much sadness and a lonely feeling of; why a father "couldn't" be a father a daughter needed. taking care of him after moving out at 15 and having no other parent made me realize a heartache of why I kept hanging on...

after so many isolated tears over years upon years, having your heart ripped out over and over again I have to find solitude when to let go. Let compassion be that of "understanding" and learn to love is to let go. I've been pulling apart for the past few years but there was always that lingering hope, wish...I have so much compassion in my heart for him but I also have compassion for myself and I love myself. I know hanging on just keeps me from moving forward. I know to love myself and let my light bright again is~ releasing all that's toxic...

always in my heart, a part of me I am you
January 4, 2015~ July Jennifer ♥