homemade apple Moonlit Dreams ~❥: February 2015

Monday, February 23, 2015

my captivating moon...

beneath a blue crescent moon
your kiss lingered upon my lips

A lovers romance unravels.

As I lie there on your bed
your vigorous 
yet gentle in nature hands
caress the lower arch;
the arch you love to kiss.
I take all of your essence in, 
all encompassing heart beating
and your exhalation profound.
A lovers heart
deep within your soul.
Apparent in the days
rustling in the trees,
your gentle embrace envelopes me.
Spiraling me,
right out from under my toes,
into a moonlit reflection.
A glow of beaming light
right into my soul
and into your heart.

February 21, 2015~ July Jennifer ♥

Monday, February 9, 2015


Light subdued
time distantly ticking
he has her captive.

One last inhalation
before, all of her vulnerability
what's been captive.
For countless moments
in a state of ecstasy,
she is liberated.
Finger to rosed lips,
an arched back 
and his essence;
his smell
electrifies all of her,
and she is his.

She completely surrenders
for him.
For so long,
in times she withheld.
Though tonight
in this moment,
in this room
was set free.

She was flushed 
with profound emotion.
While in that moment,
she gave into him...

February 8, 2015~ July Jennifer ♥

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lovers in the Moonlight

he sat
 at the end
  of the low bed.
head tilted,
 gazing up at her
  with his mischievous
smoldering eyes;
the weakening
of her
  in ways
ever unknown.

 in vintage
white silk
  her delicate nipples
at its peak.
he graces
 her leg
  with devotion;
 around her, his hands
   velvety thighs.
her hands
  the wild of his hair.
incandescent candles
sound of soul
 penetrating the air.

a glimpse
  his soul,
a heartbeat
through her
upon his head
as he rest against her.

a lovers
  in the moonlight.
they hold
 the celestial's
 and the universe
at their fingertips
resonating with ancient divinity.

February 2, 2015~ July Jennifer ♥