homemade apple Moonlit Dreams ~❥: March 2015

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Love Letter to Him...

If you are indulging in this love letter
then I know,
what I have felt all along
is true.
The stars are connected,
just not yet aligned.

Behind all the smoke and mirrors
typed words written
and a heart that weighs heavy,
you stand there
seeking to find a lover
to rescue your heart.

My head is remarkably blurred,
like that of a full moon
dusted in clouds.
I cannot find the words when I am with you,
I keep them distantly sacred.
Filtered through mystic dialogue
everything becomes unraveled and obscured.
Perhaps you are finding truth in reading my confession.

If these words echo inside of you
then I know,
my adoration for you is safeguarded.
Behind smoke and mirrors
a kiss that lingers in restless nights
and a heart that remains guarded,
I stand there
embracing your gentle hands.
Your snuggle rekindling the warmth that exudes from my flesh.

I endure,
until the day to come...
I see the light in your mysterious eyes once again. Eyes in which hold my heart captive yet allowing the butterflies to flutter freely. I indulge in your aroma that drives me into a wild feline. When I hear the sound of your voice, your laugh. The echo that holds my heart inside of you. Your mischievous smile. Your kisses tucked inside of my soul as you kiss my head deep in the middle of the night, more than once and now knowing it was not by chance. Nights we shared. Your tender embrace on those same nights, our fit. Your gaze upon me, I resemble dreamy but your admiration permeates through my days like that of a movie segment. That moment you rested your head atop mine and take in my aroma, I can sense you taking all of me in. A kiss, your kiss. My lips locked with yours and passionate love bite. The kiss that electrifies through our essence. The affinity, not a single word spoken; no more than harmony filling the sensual air, mystified. Your caress all encompassing over the skin you crave and yearn. To hear your deep breaths as I lie on your chest, your heart beating. You, just sensing your strength next to me.
Perhaps in a time to come we stop searching for what at present we feel a pull towards. Reclaim a passionate love that started. Therefore this full moon, I let it all be infinite. I deliver to you a compass that holds my treasured heart for you to pursue what is desired. Perhaps one day, the moon encompasses and the celestial's align.

If you see these words
then you know,
the magnitude of love and admiration
that I hold captive in my heart.
Behind smoke and mirrors
you are
that knight in shining Armour and I am yours to be wild with.

March 5, 2015~ July Jennifer ~❥