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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Heart that Weeps

no longer
will I be held
in the pain you carry,
like an endless journey
resonating in the darkness
of your thoughts.
echoing in your rage
shooting daggers into my heart,
a heart that once loved you

you scorn me
parallel to many moons ago
and many moons shared.
I ask of you,
let me in
as something other than your lover.
you leave my heart aching
as your dialect
bruises an abounding love.
an affection
dying in the flame
that once burned beautifully
yet now,
resembling a bleeding heart

in all the moments
we still share
I weep in your presence
yet your heart remains
a bitter taste.
I can see in your eyes;
all you say is nothingness
as a tear
finds it way out of my eyes
and my heart holding fortitude.
I have to proclaim;
setting all free,
the devotion I carry for you
by virtue of the torment you keep
is no longer about me.

April 28, 2015~ July Jennifer ~❥

a song we share~ "Stolen Car" Bruce Springsteen 

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