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Thursday, January 7, 2016

pieces of him...~❥

To see his mysterious face once again I would echo the words "I love you"...~❥

His face full of mystery but eyes of kindred spirit~❥

You stirred up so much deep emotion inside of me and for that I am eternally grateful~❥

when you have love and admiration for someone who has no idea {or does he}, what do you do?
keep it safely in your heart~❥

the wondrous desire he left lingering upon her lips...~❥

he captivated her heart with his electric soul...~❥

the way he kissed me transpired fire within my soul ~❥

when a kiss touches your soul, you are captive forever ~❥

It's all in a kiss
   and his, deeply affected me ~❥

in my heart his voice echoes ~❥

I feel safe snuggled in him, why I just want to be still in those moments and not even whisper a word. he's like a captivating dream...~❥

~❥2014 ❥ 2015 ❥ 2016❥~

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