homemade apple Moonlit Dreams ~❥: June 2015

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Jupiter, Venus & the Moon

negotiations rule
with Jupiter rising
a transcendent triangle
of Venus
and the Moon

by your embrace
stolen bites
souls colliding
and stars losing their light
and rosy lips
and dewy flesh
I get lost
inside the heat of you

fingers gliding
over velvety skin
you dust my heart
with your affirmation
that breaks inside
a lonely night
of lovers
and hungry eyes

a summer solstice night June 21, 2015
June 28, 2015  ~ July Jennifer ❥

Sunday, June 14, 2015


she is in the heated shower...

sultry water cast forth
 a sexual energy
through to her bones.
she closes her eyes
 as the dewy heat
makes her skin
crimson rose.
he is below her,
she engages his eyes
as he looks at her with longing,
 all making her heart rapid.
heart shaped drops
 fall unto his face,
his lips
tenderly disappear
into her golden fleshy skin;
her breath caught.
his fingers graze
over perfect nipples;
cupping her breast
 her back arches
into a backward bend.
his hand reaching behind her
grabbing her taught round bottom;
his kiss,
soft and delicate.
her body quivers
 as he taste all of her...
2014 ~July Jennifer ~❥

I feel a little shy posting this one but it has been a favorite secret poem. A very special soul could read this & be right there with me. Because he reached inside my soul & I shared myself ~❥

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sweet Love

thank you for today,
 feeling such an intimate moment
unfolded all the love I still carry for you.

such vulnerability
 dusted my heart with love;
sweet love.

always you,
 shall remain in my heart;
my great love.
thank you for your gentle nature
 this day,
it resonated all the reason
I shall cherish and love you forever.

 A promise etched in the night sky
for you, sweet love

June 2, 2015 ~ July Jennifer ~❥

This Year's Love {2008} ~❥
you picked this song for our wedding & it will hold a special place in my heart forever, just as you will.