homemade apple Moonlit Dreams ~❥: Ravenous Heart

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ravenous Heart

guarded lover eternally pussyfoot'ing
and no matter,
those words echoed into the night
of Jupiter and Venus transcending the Moon.

"I love you"
first spoken upon Your lips.

intentions unsure
all revealed your affirmation,
transparent and declared from You.

wounded heart,
under lock and key
lost at sea
you'll never see
the vulnerability I have for you.
an ego that dwells upon reassurance;
I promise you,
 You were king
and now, only a beggar.
lost in gloomy nights
and starlit gazes
stands a Knight that fears abandon.
I see all of you,
the broken you embody
can only be consumed by hungry wolves
and lost souls.

Vampires in the night
stole the one I love
by reason of,
a cold blood
 runs through his soul

July 2015 ~ July Jennifer ❥
I have a little bit of a dark side & a fascination with Vampires so this poem resonated with that side of me

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