homemade apple Moonlit Dreams ~❥: I dreamt of a black stallion...

Monday, August 24, 2015

I dreamt of a black stallion...

a stallion on the night
runs free in eager flight,
restless in day of light
you are all, I just might

fierce in strength, your soul
my heart you stole,
I sense a mystic pull
into a dreamland of nothing dull

a distant time long ago,
two lovers in afterglow
found each other, even though
all they have here, is tomorrow

dimly lit in the tavern corner
an abandoned piano...and all of her,
this dreamy dancer
compels a stallion to purr

above the sun kissed horizon
a glass of aged bourbon
to your lips taste,
kiss me with your poison

to take flight into your wild fire
and an eager kiss to desire
embarks a journey to transpire
you are all, I admire

lips of crimson
and a delicate scent of jasmine,
a kitten is smitten
so saddle up~black stallion

a stallion runs wild in the night
into a dreamland of celestials starlight,
a lovers knight
captivates her by moonlight
you are all, I just might

August 24, 2015~ July Jennifer ~❥

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