homemade apple Moonlit Dreams ~❥: Foreign Lover

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Foreign Lover

that night,
proclaiming birthday year
number thirty eight
two souls collide.

the way your hand
beholds the small of my arch,
a charming German accent
and a face that favors handsome
keep me intrigued.

your masculine hands
glide over my vintage slip
and I yearn for more...
here on this dance floor
a tender kiss you give me
with lips,
I can kiss for many moons
and I get lost
inside the heat of you

sweet sounds in the air,
souls colliding around us
breathe ethereal
for I am wrapped into your embrace
and your kiss has me hostage

you are afar
yet your gentle nature
and loving ways
keep me sweetly engaged...

September 27, 2015~ July Jennifer~❥

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