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Monday, May 9, 2016

Deity of One

Under an Egyptian sun
and native moons
a deity of one,
were torn by two.
Condemned by the night sky
celestial's they became.

Until the day came,
flesh and bones ignite a soul
and two, become solitary;
into relics of lost nights
and stolen memoirs.

Embracing a sea of watered horizon
this Earth rotates towards its golden hue
and tethered beings collide.
My blood runs wild,
like fire to my soul.
Eyes of affinity
burrowed within me
resembling ancient drums
serenading the mystic air
and I am flooded with fire and light.

Into the bare of my fleshy skin
and under my rib cage
immersed within an essence of light and fire
I am enveloped into a vessel
of stolen journey's;
wherein I find inside of you,
my other.
Pieces of me, a story unfolds
and I shall poetically write;
with a bleeding heart.
Etched into the nights sky
of poetic love;
until the day befalls
in which two, become one.

May 9, 2016~ July Jennifer ~❥

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