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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Her Secret Garden 🥀

there is a garden;
she dwells in moonlit nights
of crimson reds & ocean tides.
it is here, I hold you
into my arms.
your vulnerability
intoxicating me,
into the mystique of you.

I embrace no other
 in the way I, you
like the moon
pulling at the ocean waves;
no other
embraces me in the way you,
like the night sky
clutches the moons light.

I am your garden of pleasure
& I'll tear the pain from it's fleshy skin; your wounded heart.
I live in a delicate romance
of bitten marks in sacred tongue
& your caress upon my ribcage;
favoring roses falling from it's grace~
   I thirst for more.

in those distant nights
you open a floral garden
& a fire resonates upon my dewy skin.
then, there you are
bestowing kisses upon my lips;
kisses so sweet,
like nectar
& you are within each petal,
so pretty you are,
all my secrets you find
& the heat from your lovely lips,
make this garden
a slave to you.

June 25, 2017 ~ July Jennifer ~❥

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