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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Let Me Love You 💫

My Drug,
my Muse.
A Love
that I can never unravel.

three of many
thirty seven full moons ago
my lips touched yours.
beyond a spell of hours we kissed,
affinity of a celestial deemed by two.
into water that burned
like fire beneath my skin
the vulnerability in you
envelops my soul;
kindred of bittersweet nights
with music serenading the air.
it was then
I bemused myself
inside of you.
my delicate heart bound
and bleeds by you,
an addiction turns to loving your tortured soul.
I sense
your fear of abandon,
I behold
this is undeniable;
I embody insight of you.
to know, is what I embrace
every night under a golden moon
memoirs of you,
and I.

tongue tied
across the line
a glimpse of you
clutches at my heart
and I'm falling over once more.
waves into waves of emotion
I am with you.
everything encompassing takes flight beyond a horizon of blue;
perched onto you,
I am in moments of embracing you, nourishing you,
kissing you.
I can see affecting love in your eyes
it is then,
I want to declare;
to you,
 my love.

let me in and love you.

November 13 & 14th 2017~ July Jennifer ~❥

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